Social Media Optimization

Our Social Media Optimization Process Social Media Marketing has always been important to engage and expand the audience across the web. Its process consists of research and strategy, profile setup in social media, campaign, as well as analysis and reporting.
Research and Strategy Social Media Optimization (SMO) is there to make sure your business to get social media marketing campaign. For that purpose, in this SMM process, we need to learn about the client´┐Żs business, social presence, and the important is competitor. This research process includes audience research, project brief and competitive analysis. Once we are done with it, we will need to make comprehensive SMM strategy and plan for outlining your business goals. This strategy process will include profile strategy, engagement strategy, measurement planning, content strategy, and advertising strategy.


Profile Setup in Social Media In this process, we will create an eye-catching profile in your social media that will attract your customers. Using the best picture and an awesome short paragraph about your business will convince your potential customer. We will make sure that your social media profiles linking to your business website too. This will drive visitors to your money site which means will increase your conversion rate.


Campaign The third step that you need to go through in social media marketing is the campaign. The recommendations from both the profile and content strategies will be implemented in this phase. We will determine and schedule which content should publish on your social media based on your profile. While advertising campaign is running based on your budget, we will keep good interaction with your followers or social media users accross the internet. These steps should be done in order to hit the campaign goals.


Analysis and Reporting The last process in every marketing strategy would have been the analysis and reporting. Providing regular report with the analysis of the KPIs, campaign performance and also goal tracking, as well as adjusting project plan based on the results, has always been the aim of analysis and reporting process. Of course, there is monthly performance report and quarterly review to be taken care of. This process of social media marketing and the other previous processes need to be completed to reach your business goals in social media marketing.

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