Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Significance and Activity SEO is a crucial tactics, strategy, and technique in the digital marketing. It plays an important role for the success of the market through internet. On-page optimization & internal linking is set up to maximize rankings Landing page creation and optimization is put in plaze for each keyword SEO existence is to drive traffic to websites by making them to obtain high-ranking position in the search engines result, like Google.
The Process of Search Engine Optimization SEO is an important methodology that influences the successful level in digital marketing. Even if you do have websites on your own, that alone does not guarantee those sites will be visited by many internet users in this world, which it will be equal to your sales or earning, although the internet itself is very worldwide. In order to drive the internet users to see your websites, you have to reach high-ranking position in the search engine result by following SEO process.


Research and Strategy The fist step of SEO process is research and strategy. The research step is done to learn more about your business, website, and competitors to obtain clear documentation. This step will include project target, keyword research, SEO audit, and competitive analysis. After that, you may define your business target and successful indicators. Then you break it into an action plan, step by step strategy to accomplish your target including on and off-site strategies, and content strategy.
On Page Optimization Lets move on to the second step of the SEO process, on page optimization. What must be done in this step? We will set the content structure and link it to other contents. We also will do technical implementation (some coding jobs) to adjust the website.


Content Marketing and Link Building The next phase you need to get through is content marketing and link building. If the previous step has something to do with the on-site strategy, then this one is the opposite of it. This third process of SEO will do the implementation of the project plan through promote your website and content sharing. Besides writing articles on your website, you should write other articles and share it. You can be a guest post to another website and publish a press release. You also may share your article on social media.


Analysis and Reporting Analysis and reporting is the last step in optimization process. This step will be done by providing regular report regarding campaign performance analysis, KPIs, and goal tracking. The adjustment of project plan according to the results will be done in this step as well. This step includes monthly performance report and quarterly review.

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