Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Our email marketing is meant to optimize the open rates to the higher ones The click-through rates are increased through our designs for the newsletter. Optimized email newsletters boost overall site engagement and conversion rate. Our email marketing also aims for adding extra layers of trust and leading to more sales.


Our Email Marketing Methodology Increases Your ROI Increasing return on investment can be done by utilizing email marketing through dialogue between yourself and your potential or current customers to build trust and brand awareness. Email marketing methodology we use includes three processes in which the first deals with research and data collection, the second with email design, and the last with tracking and analysis.


Research and Data Collection The first and foremost of our email marketing methodology is to do research and data collection. From the email signup form, we should have been able to know the nature of your customers for the sake of meeting their expectations. This will also help you to segment your customers. If we are going to ask for information in this first process of email marketing, remember to not ask so much. It is to avoid the decrease of your email signup rate because people are annoying when they have to answer so much question or to fill so much column. Just ask the information that we will really use. Usually, the information includes the title, company, location, and their contact person.


Email Design When we speak about email marketing, you should have realized that the design of the email marketing is very important. We would have been able to optimize click-through rates if we do careful strong-calls-to-action placement as well as the supporting images placement. In this process, we will send the right emails with specific design to the right customers. We should make sure that the landing page of the click-through reflects email elements to fulfill the subscribers expectation and complete the conversion. Who would like to read bad designed and unstructured email anyway? In short, triggering clicks and driving traffic to your site are the goal in this process.

Tracking and Analysis The last process in our email marketing method that we definitely cant leave out is none other than tracking and analysis. Here, we will have to find the optimal time and frequency to reach the customers, and obtain actionable results. The statistic rates regarding the open, click-through, and hard and soft bounce should all be tracked and measured. It is to make sure the highest possibility of the percentage for the subscribers to open and click through the email campaign. So, measurement plays vital point in this kind of marketing.

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We introduce Arise Infocom is a web design company provide services for website design & development, CMS web development, ecommerce web development, Android application development, Software development, and online marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMO), and Email Marketing with Effective Conversion Optimization.