Business Email

Business Email

Whether you have a few or a huge number of mailboxes running for your business, Digisoft is capable of managing it all for you. We have a team of email experts having years of hands on experience in providing corporate email services to companies. Also we have years of experience in providing efficient and reliable business email hosting services.


Why you need an email solutions provider? With growing importance for managing business communications, more and more companies are now realizing that running an in-house mail solution is not really feasible in the long run. Given the constant upgrades and management that an email server demands, its quite a hassled process to manage & admister the whole thing. This gives rise to the need of opting for corporate email services. We provide email solutions that are fast, secure and dependable.


Spam protection: Being a free resource available to all, email is highly subject to abuse by people. Spam is a problem that has been plaguing this medium of communication since a very long time now. Spam usually consists of marketing emails from people who compiling a list of email addresses off the internet or purchased an email list normally available at cheap rates.

Spam emails arent just dangerous but also a big waste of time , especially with employees opening and replying to emails all day, every day. This makes blocking spam an utmost necessity along with taking care that legitimate mails from clients, partners & other important business entities do not get blocked. Our antispam filters are so unlikely to block a legitimate email or deliver spam, many of our users simply stop worrying about missing important emails or getting spam.

Forget wasting time searching your junk folder & save time & money every single day. You dont need to worry about clicking on unsolicited offers & dangerous phishing scams. No need for any whitelists, blacklists or any kind of tuning. Having a spam protected business inbox is one of the most effective thing you can do to increase your work productivity.

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